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Soo Kim

Transition 1-49

2009, Mixed media, 5"w x 7"h (each); 49 pieces total

In my latest works I use fingerprints which I reshape on each surface with irregular shapes. Spontaneously I figure out the choice of material. They incorporate each other to create a different atmosphere. I see the hands as a mass or as volume. Occasionally I get effects that are quite interesting or positions that are suggestive and stimulating. I am always questioning how to replace academic formulas by using my own eyes and directly confronting nature. I like using the organic lines of the fingerprint and hand gestures to create and explore space on a flat surface. Every work I do starts from the observation of motion and usually begins with drawing. When I start to paint, I do not know precisely what I want. I find it along the way.


Soo Kim - Transition 1-49

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