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Yikwon Peter Kim

Conversation in blue series, "Emmeline & Grace"

2013, Branch, paint, fishing wire, cloth pin, screw, screw cap, Sizes vary

The story of this installation is about a dialogue between a mother and a child in blue, blue being the most memorable, imaginable and emotional tone in my family history. The differences of cultural and social behavior in our society have grown as a gap in generations. The blue installation is in two parts; one side presents a mother as the old generation, and the other side presents a child as the new generation. I would like to invite the public to join me and examine where we stand and how we interact with one another in mundane human activity.

Yikwon Peter Kim - Conversation in blue series,

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  1. Rachel Ondrak says:
    January 27th, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    This piece is thought provoking. soft and also jagged. beautiful color. The difficult mother/daughter, first/second generation, old/new, old country/new home tension that we all face in this world is summed up for me in what I see as tension woven with fluidity, nature with environment, give and take. Nice. Would love to see in person!

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