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Laura M. Kinkade

TCU, BA 2018

Nature’s Platter, Bowl and Spoon

Ceramic, 2017, 9"w x 4"h x 2.5"d

I love hand-building with clay. The set features a platter, bowl and spoon with leaf and twig design elements. As in nature, the pieces show a variety of textures and earth-tone colors. From the smooth, flat surface of the platter and the veiny leaf pattern on the outside of the bowl to the twisting twig of the spoon handle, the pieces are different yet complement each other. Glaze outcome can sometimes be a surprise, and these pieces are a great example. Using only two glazes and a touch of underglaze, the results express the organic feel of the pieces.

Laura M. Kinkade - Nature’s Platter, Bowl and Spoon

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