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Taylor M. Knight

SMU, BFA 2021

Animal Bones in Iron, Scapula in Bronze

Animal Bones in Iron Cast iron 2019 10"w x 6"h x 1"d 13"w x 6"h x 5"d Scapula in Bronze Cast bronze 2019 5"w x 7.5"h x 2"d

I have a deep interest in age and decay, and the role of decomposition in bones is obvious. The journey that these objects take through time is incredibly interesting to me, and I enjoy adding to their stories with new contexts. My work often contains natural motifs, and I am interested in the relationship between organic forms and the static nature of metal. My metal casting techniques represent a reclamation of industrial processes for the purpose of art; representing natural forms through this process deepens that relationship.

Taylor M. Knight - Animal Bones in Iron,
Scapula in Bronze

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