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James Kwiatkowski

MFA 2016

Spin/Drip Test

rubber, wood, plastic, enamel, steel, 2015, 12"w x 24"h x 24"d

Growing up working on cars and motorcycles gave me access to visualizing shapes and working with my hands. This then pointed me in the direction of abstract art. More ideas and content could now be transferred to other work in limitless ways. My work is both deliberate and experimental. Balancing the two is the most fundamental objective for my practice. While conscious choices are made regarding shapes and materials, my unconscious leads the way. Hot rod culture has been a big inspiration in my work. Bright colors and lack of conceptual restrictions resonate with me. Everyman art is an important creative way of expressing oneself. My goal is to create work that everybody can relate to.


James Kwiatkowski - Spin/Drip Test

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