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Bridgit Lanni

Lines I

acrylic on panel, 2012, 36"w x 46"h

My work is the combination of instinctive, formative, fluid and solid forms inspired by abstract expressionism within a contemporary setting. Working with a palette of only cyan, magenta and yellow, I speak to the digital printing format. These pieces represent the digital obsession in our current society—computer screens, cell phones, digital printing processes and structures of the digital language. The overstimulation and constant use of digital screens and media causes distraction and leads to the loss of the true self. Digital images can be broken down into pixels, lines, basic colours and shapes; however, they cannot be felt or physically manipulated. They are everywhere and unavoidable, distracting, disorienting and masking the true nature of existence. My works combine true expression and technological distraction in a unified and balanced picture plane.

Bridgit Lanni - Lines I

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