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June Lee

Loss (Part 1)

2010, Umbrellas & busts made in Nobang (Korean translucent fabric), Sizes vary

The umbrella has a special significance for me. I used
to enjoy being under an umbrella, table, or in the closet when I was a child. Particularly, I loved opening an umbrella and crawling under it for a nap or to read storybooks and play with my dolls. The umbrella was
a place of comfort like my mother’s womb and the most important object for me at the time. As time passed by, however, I could no longer go under the umbrella: not only because I had grown up physically, but also because the society in which a child has to keep on growing up, regarded such behavior as something that belongs to an immature child. Just like that, I came to lose the first precious object that I remember. I soon began to find other precious spaces, memories and objects that slowly replaced this umbrella. However, as
I grew up and things began to change, things that were like precious “umbrellas” to me started to become destroyed, abandoned and taken away. As if a balloon
is blown away or is popped by someone as a joke, the precious things in my life like the “umbrella” were blown away, just like that.

June Lee - Loss (Part 1)

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