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Anna Lochrie

MFA 2016

Three Sisters

acrylic, felt, cotton, 2015, 120"w x 96"h x 12"d

My intention is to forgo extensive meaning and create work that seems to fall just short. When objects feel more grounded, we tend to spend more time with them or value them more. In a culture where things are based on their monetary value, it’s no wonder that the haphazard and arbitrary are devalued. Using ditty fabrics and candied colors heightens the devalued for some; however, growing up with a grandmother who was raised with a strict German aesthetic inherently made me place a silly amount of value on dum dums and ditties. I will forever see flawed, handmade Fraktur art as holding a greater value than steel or glass. Even though something is made perfectly, it is, after all, just a ditty.


Anna Lochrie - Three Sisters

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