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Kiernan Lofland

SMU, BA 2010, MFA 2014

Expanded Landscapes, Nos. 1–4

digital Polaroid C-prints, 2014, 30"w x 24"h (each)

The photographs submitted are landscapes I have manipulated. I work into the surface of the Polaroid image, tearing, smearing and scratching the emulsion, leaving shapes that become integrated into the layout. We become aware of the different surfaces—a photograph that is a flat representation of space and the surface of the photograph as a flat object. The realm of the landscape is expanded, and volume is added by collapsing the distance between these two planes. These images dwell in multiple spaces. The physical marks and the captured time of photographic representation combine to build an image of physical spectacle and mystery that is neither completely in nor of one space.

Kiernan Lofland
 - Expanded Landscapes, Nos. 1–4

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