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Elainy R. Lopez

SMU, BFA 2016

Deconstructions 16, 18, 12, 15, 17

Oil on copper, zinc, wooden panels, 2015, dimensions vary from 6.5"w x 4.5"h to 12"w x 9"h

I have developed an interest in deconstructing complicated spaces and simplifying them through the use of a limited color palette and large broad shapes. These shapes and colors draw attention to the arrangement of the spaces being observed. It is one step closer in my attempt to understand the landscape and its complexities. It is also one step closer in gaining an understanding of material and finding ways to focus on its surface, texture and characteristics normally overlooked in favor of the image.

Elainy R. Lopez - Deconstructions 16, 18, 12, 15, 17

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