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Venus Lukic

Visual Memory Accessions

2010, Encaustic on wooden support (some with oil paint), 6"w x 8"h (each)

We live in a world of instants. You can access information in an instant. Things happen in an instant that change the course of your life. This is important because as fast as things happen, we spend our whole lives reacting to specific life-changing moments. What I am exploring in my work is the reaction to an instant. What happens after moments occur within the lives of people is that they change or resist, but they maintain memories, fragments of information that become locked in their subconscious. In his book, The Psychology Of Picture Perception, John M. Kennedy explains: “Sometimes we read a label or caption before looking at the picture, but more often, probably, we notice the picture first and recognize the pictured object without any help from the accompanying words.” What I am exploring through tactile experiential image-making is the concept of a shared consciousness within society. My work is created freely without using reference objects or images. When I work into these images, carving and painting, I am challenging the persistence of memory with the interaction of the present. In the end what the viewer sees in the abstract work is ultimately reliant on their individual visual life experience independent of my implied intention.

Venus Lukic - Visual Memory Accessions

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