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Rachel MacFarlane

Space Eater Takes Motion

2011, Oil on canvas, 48"w x 60"h

My studio is a laboratory for the pedestrian and unwanted to become the grandiose and astonishing. I make maquettes from found materials (mostly refuse) that are arranged and lit as small-scale dioramas. In these tiny banal spaces, the edge of a cardboard cup may become a barricade, a chrome Mylar base presents itself as a reflective swamp and broken matchsticks transform into an architectural monument. These manufactured settings are used as still-lifes and are then transcribed into larger-scale paintings of abstract “space-scapes.” The painted spaces are both mimetic and abstract, invested in exploring how painting is simultaneously illusory and material, transcendental and temporal, propositional and definitive.

Rachel MacFarlane - Space Eater Takes Motion

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