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Ineke Macnab

Nodes and Ripples

modelling clay and acrylic on canvas, 2013, 36"w x 48"h

My work stems from a background in science and the experimental process. After studying the nature of colour, including wavelength and its relationship to depth perception, I continue to be fascinated by colour’s many properties. Like the colour field movement of the 1950s, I explore the visual impact of colour, stripping away all that is unnecessary. By making art that is essentially an abstraction of abstraction, I am left with an unadorned metaphysical aesthetic. This work is as immediate and as fully revealed as colour allows. It is uncluttered and free from a bombardment of information. It encourages the viewer to pause and reflect; it creates a mood and sets a tone. Subtle variations of colour and texture help maintain the simplicity and the aesthetics of minimalism while creating depth and movement.

Ineke Macnab - Nodes and Ripples

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