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Shanjana Mahmud

Washington D.C., 1963

2013, Guoache on digital print, 71.5" w x 43"h

I am an image hoarder. What began with print has evolved to strictly digital hoarding. I collect the good, the bad and the ugly—the photojournalistic, the Google-searched, and the “Craigslisted.” Be they images of current events or omnipresent quotidian objects, I am interested in the way these images pinpoint a specific time and add to the revisionist experience of that time. This piece is from a series of drawings titled Protest Crowds. In this series, I explore the idea of how we base what we know on leftover images, of what we can see/access, from what remains in our memory in the form of pictorial representation.

Shanjana Mahmud - Washington D.C., 1963

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