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Holliday T. Martindale

MFA 2016

Bent Tesseract

Steel, wool, 2016, 24"w x 14"h x 10"d

By a small box of candle light, we peer into Plato’s cave. We have all been here swaying within bricked walls. Through time the candle grows through ground into a five-dimensional translucent world. Point and line to hyperplane. To touch tesseract and warm sunlit wind. We turn it inside out, folding air like paper into enamel meltwater, poured pools of fearless sweet rainbow wine into aquarium walls. Tapping glass awakens childlike xylophones. Yellow is the color of middle C. Leaving behind cynical bricks in caves. Black is the color of closure, of caves when candles retire.

Holliday T. Martindale - Bent Tesseract

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