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Odran McAtamney

Always Waiting

2010, Oil on canvas, 16"w x 20"h

My work functions as an inquiry into the intriguing issues concerning the nature of the human person as body and spirit. I am interested in the symbiotic relationship between the temporal and the transcendent which is made manifest in the dynamic of the human person who is engaged in living, and is, simultaneously, constantly aware of the possibility and potential of his destiny and of that which can be perceived but which remains in the realm of the unseen. The human person, considered as body and spirit, is a reflection of the finite super-imposed upon the infinite to which the man is drawn, and which is, in essence, the source of human life. The paintings I present are born out of a response to the forensic gaze of contemporary culture; there is an inherent awareness that what binds all of humanity is the sterility and corruptible nature of the human body. The figures in the images I present bear a ghost-like quality, a vacant condition which is still electric with the potential of possibility. The figures await engagement by the infinite, and the promise of a release from the mundane superficial trappings of a complacent existence which characterizes much of what can be deemed “luxury” in contemporary culture.

Odran McAtamney - Always Waiting

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