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Jason McKay

Sagan Codex

2012, Mixed media, 86"w x 14"h x 8"d

My paintings begin with a serendipitous mental image arising from a layering of information. From biology to cosmology, existentialism to magic realism, such amalgamations generate my concepts. For example, I see existential traits in ecological succession: if a forest burns down, it does not mean that it will inherently re-grow, even though we might presume it should. I playfully move between these fields to help convey an aura of discovery. Treating my studio like a laboratory, I subject my mental images to experimentations through material processes——the outcome is a transformation into visual entities, abstract narratives, and other phenomena. I aim to create images that echo my busy mindset——a melding of technological optimism and pessimism; they become charts exhibiting hope and skepticism for a knowledge-based culture.

Jason McKay - Sagan Codex

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