Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Janine Miedzik

Squeegee group

2012, Acrylic and latex on canvas, Sizes vary

To live in a city is to live with the ever-shifting presence of graffiti and a palimpsest of repairs. The cloud-like painted shapes that carelessly obliterate guerilla acts of graffiti make the space surrounding them more visible and compelling to me. I use these somewhat accidental shapes in my paintings. During the circular act of moving through the city, I am looking for locations where the “fixes” are far from invisible. I work with the space of the city the way abstraction works with the space of art——reshaping, defining perspective, revealing the layers beneath. Through repetition and refinement, the shapes created ultimately land somewhere between the cloud-like and the hard-edged silhouette of a logo.

Janine Miedzik - Squeegee group

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