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Nathalie N. Moreno Garcia

BFA 2016


C4D, Photoshop, print, 2013, 28"w x 20"h

I make abstract landscapes to provoke thought and evoke my emotions and ideas. I am inspired by 18th-century Romantic landscapes that elicit responses of awe, terror and danger. Through experimentation, my art has taken me to places where I have been uncomfortable, and it has challenged me to push my boundaries. I express this journey through a series of winding digital landscapes. In my abstract landscapes there is no clear destination, no beginning, no end. Each path reflects itself and the paths around it, representing disorientation and illusion. The paths are made of water, an element that shifts into many forms. The changing nature of the landscape expresses my fear of the unknown and the wonder of creating beautiful things with new colors and textures.

Nathalie N. Moreno Garcia
 - Paths

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  1. Fran roman says:
    October 21st, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    Amazing piece of art ! Love it

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