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Christian J. Morin

MFA 2017

Still Life and Landscape (Diptych)

Acrylic, spray paint and push pins on wood, 2015, 24"w x 36"h x 1.5"d (larger piece); 20"w x 20"h x 1.5"d (smaller piece)

These paintings were a study of improvisational form in the midst of constraints. The constraints of time, color and material. I was interested in finding out what semiotic qualities a series of gestural marks can generate. Slowly the abstraction started to take on representation. The silver of the silver screen, of silver gelatin photographs, of luminous clouds during an austere sunset. The larger piece, a still life. The smaller piece, a landscape. A home. Micro and macro. Relationships. My relationship to the West, looking at it now from afar.

Christian J. Morin - Still Life and Landscape (Diptych)

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