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Leeanna Morris

A Store of Things Remembered

2009, Cyanotype on stoneware tiles, Size variable

I have been using photograms to capture my surroundings in unique ways. Photograms for me are a mysterious way to capture things. I enjoy the balance between the chance of the process, my control and my surroundings as I make my work. Most of all I like how unrecognizable the images are. The subject matter is often lost and the image can just be enjoyed for what it is. Much of my work deals with memories associated with certain landscapes. As I continue to work with the idea of memory I find myself trying to capture things that I could not photograph.

In A Store of Things Remembered, I am attempting to capture what my memory looks like as a whole. Such an abstract thing as memory cannot be easily photographed. Memory is defined as: a mind regarded as a store of things remembered. In this piece each tile represents something remembered. Each tile is different just as each memory is different. Some are clear and some are quite muddled in their imagery just as some things are harder to remember than others. The variation in size relates to the impact of certain memories, some simply stand out more than others in my mind. This accumulation of tiles creates an image of my accumulation of memories; which seem to be jumbled together. I feel this piece is not done, and it will continue to wax and wane over time much like my memory. The images are also not as stable as cyanotypes on paper. They will slowly change over time at different rates, much like the things I try to remember.


Leeanna Morris - A Store of Things Remembered

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