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Amanda Muis


2010, Canvas, encaustic, 29"w x 24"h

These weavings are artifacts — ruins extracted from the detritus of decomposed encaustic paintings. I destroy by melting and ripping paintings apart. I collect the detritus, and through that I create. From the debris rose the weavings. They showcase a beauty that is complicated and has more to it than just its appearance. It is a beauty that comes from a history, being worn, weathered, ruined. A beauty that has flaws and character. My weavings are named after some islands in the South Pacific I had been to and are in honor of the women who wove their own stories into baskets, costumes and mats. To weave is to link, to put two possibly unequal pieces together to hold and create a new object, a new story. A new history is woven, between distances and differences, past and present.

Amanda Muis - Vanuatu

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