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Elaine Ng

Untitled (flat note); Untitled (2 horizontal loops)

2013, Glazed porcelain, 0.5"w x 11"h x 4.5"d; 7"w x 4.25"h x 10.5"d

My work explores ideas of impermanence, transition and the uncomfortable space between destinations—those moments after leaving what once was, before arriving at what will be. There is beauty in this suspended state and the openness it implies. It is ripe with hope for the new but can also be laden with fear of the unknown. In many ways, this is the space in which we all exist: a shared human experience of the present and of constant evolution. I am interested in the fragility and transience of this place, especially the deeply conflicting feelings of great loss and great potential that reside here.

Elaine Ng - Untitled (flat note); Untitled (2 horizontal loops)

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