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Chris Niemi


2011, Mixed Media, 30"w x 44"h x 6"d

As a kid I had a fear that one part of my body would magically start growing way out of proportion with the rest of me. If I had a little twitch in my leg, that’s what I would think instantly. I would grab it and hold it like I could stop it and mold it back to the right place. There is something of this in my work. A child-like wonder, misreading, and/or lack of logic that is found in folklore that fuels me. I push relationships between the real, the fake, the super real, emotions, death, sex, memory, the body, beauty, disgust etc. On several levels I am mixing up and confusing what is being seen whether it is drawing, sculpture, plant, animal, landscape, micro, marco, real, fake or ideal. I do this through looking for similar structure linking images from inside the body to outer space to patterns found on sidewalks. When looking at anything long enough it begins to not be that thing; it changes. It rests between spaces, in limbo; lines stretch into space holding and pulling one thing to another. At times, unexpected relationships can begin to form while others dissipate. On another level, my work aims to heighten one’s awareness of self in space by exploring the relationships we have to objects- as well as the relationships objects have to each other. Within this I am curious about how one thing seems to not be noticed or seen at first because it’s next to another. The loud and the quiet are put side by side in a permanently unsettled state.

Chris Niemi - Untitled

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