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Sarah Nind

Trace 2

2010, Oil paint on Masonite and digital print on Plexiglas, 42"w x 42"h

Thematically, my work constructs stories from fragmented and repetitive pieces and represents a narrative of time and place. Photographic images used in my work are fragments from a personal history and represent a collection of memory and memorabilia. The work attempts to question how these histories and images live in our conscious and unconscious memories and affect our ways of seeing and perception of reality. Rather than being a dramatic narrative, my work questions history, the construction of time as a lineal process, and the distinction between the real and the virtual.

Formally, the work employs mixed-media processes, photographic documentation being mediated by painted intervention and digital technologies. The resulting images exhibit characteristics of photography as an objective, albeit illusionary, medium — a recording device of the ‘real’. At the same time, imagery is transformed through the integration of paint. The subjectivity of the painted surface, with its ability to transcend the literal description, is addressed as a dimension to express and record emotional states and realities.


Sarah Nind - Trace 2

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