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Sara Nishikawa

MFA 2017

Groceries at Kroger (trying to blend in)

Digital prints, 2016, 17”w x 11”h (each)

Where I grew up, being a “local” was your most important attribute, but I haven’t lived at home for seven years now. I have this feeling of being an outsider in the sense that there’s no culture that I neatly fit into. I’ve been exploring how to navigate a place as an outsider. I’ve been thinking about the different aspects of our environment—whether they’re physical or figurative—such as our social culture, which plays a role in shaping us. I’m exploring our interactions with groceries stores, like Kroger, through noodle sculptures that can transcend to tell a story.

Sara Nishikawa - Groceries at Kroger (trying to blend in)

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