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Jasmine V. Nunley

TCU, BS 2018

Back Porch Jewels

Buffalo Wallow clay, 2016, dimensions vary from 3.75”w x 9”h x 3.75”d to 6"w x 7"h x 6”d

There was not a time in my life when I was not creating things with my hands. But nothing could beat the feeling of that Louisiana red clay between my fingers. Maybe it is my Cherokee descent living through me or just the pure passion of creating things that drew me to dig up that clay any chance I had. As soon as I got into ceramics in college, I was determined to learn to throw pottery, so determined that I would practice every day. From making pinch pots when I was a child to creating pottery today, I continue to grow in ceramic design and will continue throughout my life.

Jasmine V. Nunley - Back Porch Jewels

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