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Sami Ouyed

Dyno Charlie Parker

2012, Mixed media, 36"w x 36"h x 10"d

Our 21st century culture is woven with a designer’s thread and the artist’s intention. It asks us to address the fundamentals: who am I and what can I make happen? Since moving into a Zen Buddhist temple, I have been meditating and acquiring discarded objects I hope to redeem. Repurposing the unwanted into aesthetically pleasing and functional objects is my passion. The serendipitous nature of these materials requires the ability to endlessly tinker and fail. Through combining dissimilar materials, I have discovered that open-mindedness frequently leads to creative and successful outcomes. I hope to inspire others and help them recognize the beauty and potential of all the junk we mindlessly create.

Sami Ouyed - Dyno Charlie Parker

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