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Tuba Oztekin-Koymen


2007, Pinhole photography, 20"w x 21.5"h

The focus of my work is experimental, involving geographical, cultural, and emotional issues, which we have been familiar with for centuries. My objective is to bring attention to the human nature by setting up an imaginary or virtual window.

Pinhole photography is helping me to encourage viewers to insert themselves into this realistic and fictional looking place. It is a form of art that satisfies my need to record the world around me in what I could only describe as romantic. There is a seduction. Pinhole by its very nature, with long exposures, creates an image that is not of a subject captured in an instant of time but the passing of time in a single image. These photographs are taken in Assos-Turkey.


Tuba Oztekin-Koymen - ASOS

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