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Madison S. Palica

TCU, BS 2019

Phenomenology: Greece

Photography, 2017, 16"w x 24"h

Nostalgia is a feeling I think we all battle with, and it is completely defined by user experience. This means you get to decide whether you look back on a moment with longing, affection and gratitude or melancholy, loneliness and regret. I personally think that nostalgia is an action verb. I sometimes feel the deep, soul-yearning longing for a moment before it even has the chance to become a memory. I feel nostalgia for the present moment. And when I feel that feeling, I know. Because my stomach twists, my heart breaks or I cry for no reason. That’s when I snap the picture.

Madison S. Palica - Phenomenology: Greece

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  1. John & Tracy says:
    February 13th, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    We love the thought you put into your work. You pictures have so much meaning. You should work with Julia Engel. She has some really nice clothing lines she promotes and would dovetail nicely with your talents.

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