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Madison S. Palica

TCU, BS 2019

Rhinos Have Bad Eyesight

Photography 2018 24"w x 16"h

I was a girl from Utah, growing up in the bubble of Mormon culture, and moved to Texas for college. I got an opportunity to combine two passions of mine: taking pictures and wild animals. Off to Africa I went, for an unexpected heartbreak. What I thought would be a fun safari with cute animals was more like a documentary of a war on life. I was faced with death and terror. Nothing has quite healed my heart from the sight of the pain and suffering humans have (un)consciously put upon so many godlike creatures. These are a few things and places I think are worth saving. Proceeds from sales will benefit the Amakhala Game Reserve, William Fowlds and the Ikhala Vet Team in South Africa.

Madison S. Palica - Rhinos Have Bad Eyesight

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