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Pasi J. Paltanen

BFA 2017

Bay and Front 3—Looking North

Oil on wood panel, 2016, 36"w x 48"h x 1.5"d

The city has a cadence to it, a rhythm both visual and auditory. It exists as a symphony of colors and sounds; it ebbs and flows like a thing alive, the blood in its veins, the multitude of people who coexist within, each person adding his or her own unique strands to the ever-changing tapestry that is our culture. Each single moment unique, the reflection of neon signs, the masses of people, the rumble of streetcars, the lights, all reflected off the steel, the glass and the wet pavement. There is a chaotic beauty to it; it is these snapshots of the urban landscape I am trying to capture in my paintings.

Pasi J. Paltanen
 - Bay and Front 3—Looking North

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