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Seoyeong Park

f(a problem)=0, #4

2012, Silkscreen, 17"w x 12.5"h

I tend to be apathetic about things that are unrelated to my work. This piece unapologetically expresses such personality and habits. I define the changes in my attitude for the subjects of my apathy in four phases:

  1. Problem created. Apathetic.
  2. Problem sometimes comes up in mind. Still apathetic.
  3. Finally starting to worry about the problem. Strive to find a solution.
  4. Give up.

For example, this shows when I travel. Most people
first select a destination and plan ahead for the things
to do there. I look for things to do one day before
the departure

Seoyeong Park - f(a problem)=0, #4

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