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Erin Parton

Untitled 1

2010, Oil on canvas, 25"w x 22"h

In my practice, I employ landscape painting as a device through which to explore the persistence of romantic yearnings for untouched nature — the great unknown — in a world that has been entirely dominated by humans. As a compositional starting point, I haphazardly arrange industrial materials such as Styrofoam, metal, scrap wood, paper and plastic against a backdrop of reflective mylar. I then photograph not the materials themselves, but their ever-shifting, distorted, unfamiliar reflections, seeking landscape-like images from the disorder. Once found, these images undergo further transformation through the painting process, resulting in works that are unrecognizable, material remainders of a now distant, ultra-mediated ‘real’.


Erin Parton - Untitled 1

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