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Sara Pearson

Pair (Phenakite/Synth Garnet)

oil on canvas, 2013, 18"w x18"h x 1.5"d

Our relationship to objects—the projection of both the economical and emotional value we place on them—and consequential perception of their preciousness is a continuous consideration in my work. The pieces I have created for my series, Semiprecious/Precious, are a microscopic examination of gemstones during their crystallization and in their consumer-ready faceted cut form. It is my estimation that gemstones in their ancient nature are beyond imaginative invention. We are not equipped to conjure objects so sublime, beautiful and strange, so we project our own measure of values through judgment and classification in order to understand and possess them.

Sara Pearson - Pair (Phenakite/Synth Garnet)

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