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Katherine Anne Phin

BFA 2015

The Yard

assemblage of found objects, 2015, 48"w x 72"h x 30"d

My work originates from the comforts and tensions of personal experience, fusing together the spiritual mystifications and enchantments of life and death among corporeal existence. The objects mark a pathos where the essence of tender forms is used to regenerate the self into a spiritual transcendence of reminiscent healing. Reflecting on my grandfather’s passing and the undertaking of estate and object distribution, my sculptures embody a dedication to several years of transformation from life and concreteness into nonexistence. With the recurring use of twig material (derived from plant life on my grandfather’s property), I form an association of nostalgia within certain pieces that mark a part of my history and transient struggle. In altering the original function of the objects, I aim to cast an ambience on the viewer.

Katherine Anne Phin - The Yard

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