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Marie-Josee Pirri


2010, Acrylic on canvas, 42"w x 48"h

“…may be able to see in the objects about it not only what is purely material but also something less solid; something less “bodily” …”— Wassily Kandinsky

In dealing with the death of a loved one, one imagines a gradual acceptance leading to the closure or healing of a painful breach. However, if one refuses to allow closure, how do we heal? How do we construct the means by which to maintain closeness with loved ones that no longer exist in this dimension but rather in the unknowable? Emotionally knitting a lien – a hold or claim on the property of another to satisfy an unpaid debt or obligation toward the loss constantly, in this present moment, helps maintain the void as a means of remaining connected to loved ones. I am psychologically tethered to what I recognize to be departed or unseen.

Influenced by the Surrealists, I create art in acknowledgment of this void and based on my studies relating to loss, structure, construction, belief and faith. Imagery, whether real, imagined or internal, is slivered from wholeness and is reconstructed unencumbered of its defining features. For both the viewer and the artist, these paintings are themselves more real versions of what they once were.



Marie-Josee Pirri - Untitled

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