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Alyssa J. Pisciotto

BFA 2016

Palette One

Acrylic paint, spray paint, acrylic ink, glitter on wood panel, 2016, 10"w x 8"h

The Palette painting series grew from noticing the way the bowl I mix my materials in started to look once a number of paint layers built up. Transferring the excess paint onto canvases became a way for me to capture these accidental compositions. There is truthfulness to my imagery that comes from a method of painting that challenges tradition. I paint in a way that once a mark has been made, it will not disappear. The speed at which I paint lends itself to a method that allows for no second judgments or overthinking marks that have been laid down.


Alyssa J. Pisciotto - Palette One

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  1. Donna Dick says:
    November 22nd, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    Another beautiful blend of colors and shapes. I can see seahorses, a crocodile, a baby sucking it’s thumb, an elephant peering down the hill.
    You may not have meant any of that while you were painting, but your creations are so flexible that the observer can see what comes to their mind too. I love your work.

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