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Chris Powell

Cups, caps and funnels

2009, Terra cotta and wire, Approx. 3"w x 3"h x 3"d (each)

For years I have collected odds and ends as I go through my day. These collectibles range in size from carts and pallets to rubber rings and buttons. They can also be cataloged by function or source as kitchenware or things from along the river. Looking at the piece Cups, caps and funnels one senses a familiarity or near recognition. In fact each form is modeled on an object from my collection. The material in the collection is as important as the actual manipulation of the clay and wire to produce the objects that make up the composition. The importance of the collection is neither increased nor diminished by the use of the items from the collection as models.


Chris Powell - Cups, caps and funnels

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