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Gjergji Prendi

MFA 2018

Sette Sorelle (Seven Days)

Vatican plaster, 2018, 18"w x 36"h x 2"d

Sette Sorelle (Seven Days) is an artwork that focuses on a very short moment of our lives—a week. Our everyday lifestyle has changed, time has become something that we do not seem to have, and the speed at which we move makes us lose small moments. We are quickly losing memories by not having time to generate any. We always think about today affecting tomorrow, but we never think how today might affect yesterday or two days from now. This artwork reflects our week in time and space: how each day creates a space that syncs with another day or clashes. Small moments are as important as the big picture.

Gjergji Prendi

 - Sette Sorelle (Seven Days)

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