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Alexis Richards

MFA 2017

Three Objects (Bone and Costume, Growth, Burnt)

Deer bone, steel, brass, ink, silicone, fabric, horsehair, paint, pewter, 2017, 18"w x 4"h x 4"d

These objects express bodily growth and a desire for protection and adornment. Using a bone gifted by my father, I have created a protective garment in which the bone sits. I have placed a cage around the memory and the gift itself. The pewter piece represents burning another gift and filling its chasms with metal to preserve a memory. Things may grow on and within the body without our control—dermoids, fibroids or hair. Using fabric as a membrane, I challenge perceptions of texture and material. Fabric’s hardness obstructs interaction, while its texture asks to be held, to be kept safe.

Alexis Richards - Three Objects (Bone and Costume, Growth, Burnt)

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