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Abbas Rizvi

Remorse in Cement

2011, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 36"w x 48"h

The existence of non-places is increasing steadily in the age of supermodernism, a term coined by French anthropologist Marc Auge. He concerns himself with transitory spaces such as airports, train stations, and highways that work as metaphors for the new face of transportation and globalization. It is in this realm that underlying themes and realities of our current environment manifest themselves, largely unnoticed by the masses that walk along prescribed hallways and roads. Converted from humans to automatons they follow signs while willingly submitting their identities to a larger system that relieves them of the pressures of individual introspection. The architecture of these non-places manifests the intellectual shift from idealism to practicality, from embellished surfaces to exoskeletal structures, and from timelessness to the immediate present. It is this loss of identity and culture that I explore through paintings that separate these non-places from their human elements, bringing to light the austere and barren paths that diffuse into our psyches as we navigate through them every day.


Abbas Rizvi  - Remorse in Cement

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