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Gregory Ruppe

Zahir I: Kyogyaru Retro

2010, Cast plastic, synthetic grass, wood, 12.5"w x 22"h x 12.5"d

My work fixates on the pop-cultural phenomena of Japan, like Otaku (fetish of manga and anime) and Kawaii (fixation on the cute) as a means of exploring and expanding the possibilities of psychological and trans-cultural boundaries. This fixation began with an exploration of the history and aesthetic of Shunga, the spring pictures from Japan’s Golden Age (1780-1810) while delving into contemporary trends in youth obsession.

Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “El Zahir” (1949) is one in which the object of one’s obsession is so overwhelmingly alluring that it obliterates the reality of the obsessed. Currently, I apply this concept to my art making in conjunction with specific sociological and ethnological situations in order to construct personal identity within the alternative real.


Gregory Ruppe - Zahir I: Kyogyaru Retro

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