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Niloufar Salimi

Nothing to Bloom

2012, Acrylic on paper and canvas, 30"w x 30"h

My paintings come into existence recalling moments of altered memories and stories made up in my mind. They evolve to accompany me through time and become evidence of now. On a small part of the body of a tree, I lay pieces of golden paper. I write from the past and draw ornaments of nonsense. Every story related to a memory is layered on top of another, and each is shaped differently—a bold silhouette, manipulated handwriting, overlapped drawings of related patterns and shapes. If I’m a bowl to hold time for as much as my paintings are able, how big is time to hold me and my thoughts? Time imprisons me. If it passes, I only can make a memory out of it. If it hasn’t come yet, I only can imagine it.

Niloufar Salimi - Nothing to Bloom

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