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Callen Schaub

Eye of the Storm

2011, Acrylic on canvas, 48"w x 48"h

This series of paintings focuses on the experience of the present moment. The past and future are merely ideas that assist us in understanding the passage of time. The instantaneous moment is our only opportunity for experience, poised between memory of the past and the mind’s projection into the future. My paintings are a visual representation of this specific philosophical state of mind.

When painting, I consciously attempt to minimize the clutter of preconception and expectation and instead focus on the immediacy of the moment. Colors, composition, texture and movement arrive on the canvas, driven by the natural and sometimes unpredictable behavior of the selected materials as they intersect with my intuitive actions during the formative moment. Acceleration, both centripetal and gravitational, is used to manipulate the paint on the canvas.

My hope is that these paintings will inspire you to experience your own present moment.


Callen Schaub  - Eye of the Storm

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