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Mackenzie Schubert

Stack Number One

2011, Plywood, polymer clay, acrylic paint, 20"w x 48"h x 14"d

Rather than making many trips, I pick up and carry everything all at once. On my way, if I see another useful thing, I will wobble towards it, carefully bend over, and without setting the rest down, place it on the pile. The pile grows heavy until it leaves deep groves in my palms. When it gets too tall or awkward it falls. The weakest things, those that were the least substantial or stacked in a particularly tenuous way, break. They are set aside. The rest can be stacked back together. Momentarily lighter, I pick back up my lazy man’s load. This is OK. I don’t care about broken pieces. I care about a full load.


Mackenzie Schubert - Stack Number One

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