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Kalynn C. Sinnamon (née Le Blanc)

BFA 2011

Divorcing Relationships

acrylic on wood panel, 2010, 48"w x 24"h x 2"d

My work explores the Canadian landscape, with a focus on the relationship between urban development and the land and the pursuit of the Canadian wilderness. These interactions are explored on both large and small scales, in populous or remote locations. I am expanding this work to include culturally and geographically unique places in Canada, all through the lens of “accessibility,” and how modern infrastructure often shapes our relationship with the land. I have a particular interest in indigenous people’s close association with the land, along with our upholding treaties and nurturing reconciliation. I also explore the dichotomy of land-resource dependency for survival and the unforgiving harshness of the elements.

Kalynn C. Sinnamon (née Le Blanc)
 - Divorcing Relationships

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