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Chonlada Sirampuj

Candy Anatomy

2011, Wood, acrylic, 9.5"w x 9.5"h x 9.5"d

“If it is bitter, coat it with sugar. That’s how the medicine goes down.”
– Chinda Sirampuj (my mom)

I am always interested in human’s psychology. How intangible things like fear can affect our behavior and how people react differently to it. For me, the fear of those unidentified anatomy shapes and textures become frozen images in my brain. The more I want to forget, the more it sticks in my head. Using my inability of drawing realistically to make it ‘unreal’ is the process of how I confront my fear. I unconsciously draw everything I am scared of in order to make me familiar with it. It is my reaction to confronting the fear. I try to draw every shape and texture that scares me in as much detail as possible not only because of aesthetic but it also as a meditation. Here, I think I am candi-tize-ing my fear.

Chonlada Sirampuj - Candy Anatomy

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