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Gabriella Mykal Smith

SMU, BFA 2020

103 Notes from Me to Me (16 selections)

Pen and Sharpie on 103 pieces of copy paper, digitally scanned and altered, 2017, 37"w x 47"h

In 103 Notes from Me to Me, I embarked on the ambitious and meditative practice of writing every day for roughly three months, cataloguing my every day with the only parameters being paper size and writing utensil. I attempt to view my life not as a random sequence but as a volatile story arc steadily working its way to a resolution. Through poetry, jokes, confessions, third-person abstraction, first-person intimacy and hyperbolic scenes, the real, the falsely remembered and the barely possible meld together to form a blurry reflection of a life. Sometimes a romance, sometimes a horror, this ongoing project is always a great story.

Gabriella Mykal Smith - 103 Notes from Me to Me (16 selections)

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