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Luther Smith

Shiver Road, Fort Worth, Texas 2008

2008, Inkjet photograph, 35"w x 30"h

During the last few years I have made landscape photographs near my home. It is my idea to make photographs that explore and reflect the complexity and beauty of my environment. The photographs, when they succeed, add beauty to our world, describe the visual complexity of our landscape and may serve as a record of land use during our time.

I work with large format view cameras (5″x 7″ and 8″×10″) that make photographs that have a wealth of detail and textures. They show us the intricacies of the natural and human-altered landscapes. These photographs document the landscape of our time. They describe the textures, form and variety in the relationships between plants, rocks, water and sky.


Luther Smith - Shiver Road, Fort Worth, Texas 2008

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